All freedom-loving people are on your sideNariman Al Roussan
Jordanian MP

My sisters and brothers in Ashraf !
Greetings from an Arab sister who admires you, greetings from Jordan, a country which was once your host, and supported you in your struggle to obtain glorious victory with the help of God; Greetings wrapped in the aroma carried by the winds from Palestine over our countries; The aroma of Palestine which inspires sacrifice in us; and you are part of this message.

NCRI - Agents of the Iranian regime's Qods Force and Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) continued to threaten Ashraf residents all night long on Friday by using 30 loud speakers at the Camp's main gate. Their anti-human act has deprived Ashraf residents, especially those hospitalized patients of any rest. The disturbances has created very difficult situation for the patients at the hospital which is located near Ashraf entrance.

 In yet another suppressive and inhumane measure, on the orders of the Iraqi committee at the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of suppressing Ashraf, Iraqi forces compelled a person accompanying one of the female patients from Ashraf, to leave special care unit at a hospital in Baghdad. The patient had been transferred three days ago on an urgent basis to the hospital and placed under intensive care for critical heart condition. She was accompanied by two others and her situation was closely monitored by doctors. However, since yesterday, Iraqi forces acting on the orders of the committee in charge of suppression of Ashraf, threatened one of the accompanying individuals with arrest unless she returns to Ashraf. Moreover, in order to increase pressures on the patient, they also caused problems during the treatment. In one instance, they even prevented the entry of a doctor to the room, saying that the committee has to approve doctors’ visits!