HUFF POST - Lord Maginnis Member of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom  Friday 11 May 2012                                    

The Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) was blacklisted by the Clinton administration to placate the Iranian mullahs in 1997. In 2012 the fallacy of that approach is self-evident. While it may be difficult to understand the U.S. Government's decision to label as terrorists a group of Iranian dissidents exiled in Iraq its recent perversion of the truth is most alarming.

At the behest of Iranian regime, the Government of Iraq (GOI) plans to plunder utility vehicles, facilities and equipments of the water and electricity networks of Camp Ashraf.

A committee has been formed in the Bureau of Water of  Diyala province to fabricate documents and falsely claim that these properties of Camp Ashraf residents including water tankers belong to the GOI and prevent their transfer to Liberty.

Talks and involving the Iranian regime in Ashraf issue is illegal and a red line for the residents

According to received report from Tehran, representatives of the mullahs' Ministry of Intelligence, under the banner of Nejat Association, met with Mr. Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) for Iraq, in Hotel Laleh and demanded the extradition of a group of Ashraf residents to the mullahs' regime.

Statements of the State Department's lawyer about the lack of opportunity to confirm Ashraf's complete disarmament by the US Army  and invitation of the residents for inspection of Ashraf  or correction of the lawyer's claims in order  to prevent the Iraqi government and mullahs' misuse

On May 8, 2012, the hearing of the US Appeals Court of the District of Columbia Circuit, that addresses the complaint of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran for a mandamus for not implementing this Court's earlier ruling to review the terrorist designation of the organization, was held.

The Iraqi armed forces arrested, beat up, insulted, intimidated, and returned from the entrance of Ashraf five Iraqi businessmen who intended to enter Camp Ashraf, to purchase some the residents' properties on Wednesday, May 9.
The Iraqi armed forces threatened the merchants and stipulated that the merchants are not allowed to see the residents, dialogue with them and to purchase their properties. The Iraqi forces intimated the merchants  and told the merchants that they would be beheaded if they show up at Camp Ashraf again.

Ashraf and Liberty residents to the UN and the US: Until full implementation of agreements, the transfer must be completely stopped

Following the transfer of fifth group of Ashraf residents to Liberty, after the return of Maliki from Tehran, the religious fascism ruling Iran praised its puppet government for this displacement. Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the mullahs' parliament chairman of national security and foreign affairs committee, who is visiting Iraq, after meeting with Maliki said: "Honestly, (transfer of Ashraf residents) was a big job that the Iraqi government and Iraqi parliament did. It was right that these terrorists not be in Iraq, this measure is commendable and it is being performed as planned" (Iranian state-run TV, May 7, 2012). It is obvious that the non-understandable rush to transfer Ashraf residents, while violating all commitments and denying them their minimum rights, comes from where.

Camp Liberty - No. 29

Despite rampant presence of  snakes, scorpions, and insects, the Committee to repress Ashraf residents prevents using pesticides in Camp Liberty

While it is almost three months since the first convoy of Ashraf residents arrived in Camp Liberty, the Iraqi government, in order to put the residents under pressure and for repressing them, still prevents the use of pesticides in the camp and the residents have to deal with the problem of snakes, scorpions, and vermin constantly.

LONDON, May 5, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF) strongly condemns the Government of Iraq's outrageous conduct of returning the utility vehicles accompanying the fifth convoy of Iranian dissidents who were transferred from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty.
The covetous act of the Government of Iraq was in clear violation of the agreement between the residents and Mr. Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Iraq.

BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq ,5 May: Head of Parliamentary Economy and Investment Commission Ahmed al-Alwani stated that "there is no legal excuse permits the government or otherwise to confiscate Ashraf Camp residents' money, because such actions are governed by international accords as refugees according to Geneva IV agreement".

He added that all the properties in the camp are their belongings and can coordinate with the United Nations to move them abroad or sell them by auctions.

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office published its annual Human Rights and Democracy report for 2011.. The report was presented to the Parliament by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in April 2012.

The part of the report on Camp Ashraf follows:
Source:  UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office web site 30 April 2012