Trailers that were specially built for disabled residents of Camp Ashraf have been badly damaged by Iraqi forces. Six specially designed trailers were taken for inspections to Iraqi army brigade headquarters on August 7, but upon their return to Ashraf on August 26 two of them were found heavily damaged.

One hundred twenty   thousand Iraqis signed a petition, addressed to the UN, condemning the inhuman and excessive restrictions placed on the Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty and demanded that no further relocation to this prison-like camp be made until its appalling conditions are improved. They also joined voices with thousands of parliamentarians in Iraq and elsewhere to voice their concerns against Martin Kobler’s tacit approval of the Iraqi government’s aggression against the camp residents.

Dailymai - By Lord Alex Carlile
PUBLISHED: 20:53 GMT, 16 August 2012 | UPDATED: 20:53 GMT, 16 August 2012
In recent weeks the situation surrounding the safety of 3,400 members of an Iranian opposition group based in Iraq has taken a significant turn in the halls of the White House.
As the US takes a keener interest in protecting these Iranians from the clutches of the regime in Tehran, it appears that this US administration has finally realised that it cannot allow Iraq to fall into the hands of Tehran.

Opinion: Lord King of West Bromwich
Scoop - Why is the US Urging Iranian Dissident To Move Into A Concentration Camp Called “Liberty”?
By Tarsem King (Lord King of West Bromwich)
Another chapter is being written in the ongoing crisis facing Iranian refugees in Iraq. The residents of Camp Ashraf have been at the centre of a political firestorm between the government of Iraq, Iran, the United States and the UN. Facing pressure from the Iranian government, Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki moved to close Camp Ashraf and move the inhabitants to camp 'Liberty' near Baghdad. The fate of the residents now hinges on the capacity of the United States and UN to ensure that they receive fair treatment under international humanitarian standards, a mission which up until now has been a failure.

By Kenneth Maginnis, member of British House of Lords - 08/16/12 10:34
As the U.S. approaches the presidential election and the inevitably orchestrated party conventions, there is little evidence of agreement in American political circles. Ideological differences have poisoned dialogue on just about every issue - the only apparent agreement being on when to recess, and even that brings about partisan maneuverings.
But there is one other issue that, regardless of party or political philosophy, brings a significant degree of consensus – the humanitarian tragedy that currently threatens 3,400 Iranian dissidents abandoned to the whims of a perverse Iraqi government.

Camp Liberty – No 47

According  to Mrs. Rajavi's plan the residents by hiring Iraqi contractors and purchasing all the necessary equipments at their own cost (more than 2.55 million dollars ( would  pump and purify water from  the river adjacent to Camp Liberty.

Starting of work by Iraqi contractor and entrance of equipments, which are purchased by the residents, are prevented under different excuses.

Since February 2012, after the arrival of the first convoy of Ashraf residents in Camp Liberty,
water has been one of the most pressing problems.

Allan Gerson*: On July 24, the United Nations issued a press release stating that its mission in Iraq, UNAMI, has presented a “roadmap” to the Government of Iraq in dealing with the “temporary” relocation of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK)—a major opposition group to the mullah’s of Iran—to a squalid refugee camp called “Liberty,”

New Blaze -By Lord Fraser of Carmyllie QC
The International Parliamentary Committee in Defence of Ashraf has consistently warned about the inhumane conditions in Camp Liberty-Iraq, where 2,000 former residents of Camp Ashraf have settled in order to peacefully end the Ashraf crisis.

Scoop: MPs reject Kobler's "roadmap"for Ashraf residents
Members of Parliament from all Parties Wednesday evening rejected a so-called UN "roadmap" for Camp Ashraf residents which aimsto transfer the "Protected Persons" to a camp that a Working Group of the UN Human Rights Council last week described as a "detention centre".

“Much ado about nothing”41st repetitive and inadequate draft in 7 months for enchaining the Iranian opposition in Liberty prison, Martin Kobler’s latest souvenir called “roadmap“
On July 22, Mr. Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Iraq (SRSG), wrote a letter requesting a meeting with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, noting: “We are in contact with the Iraqi government on a roadmap to relocate Camp Ashraf.”