NCRI - The UN's representative in Iraq Martin Kobler should be sacked and hauled before the International Criminal Court for his 'repeated lies' that have left more than 3,000 Iranian dissidents abandoned in at Camp Liberty, former US Congressman Patrick Kennedy said.

Mr Kennedy - nephew of assassinated President John F Kennedy - said Kobler has sided with Iran's mullahs and the Iraqi government that was doing the extremist regime's bidding.

[Ashrf residents property amounts to at least 500 million dollars]

Ashrf residents property amounts to at least 500 million dollars
NCRI - According to credible information from inside the mullahs’ regime obtained by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the terrorist Quds Force is secretly planning to infiltrate its Iraqi elements –such as the “9th Badr Brigade” terrorists – into Camp Ashraf to set ablaze the residents’ property. The plot is to be carried out with assistance provided by Iraqi forces under Maliki’s command that are supposedly tasked to protect Camp Ashraf. Based on this plan, they intend to deprive the residents of their property and also place the blame of the fire incident on the residents.

NCRI : The Iraqi NGO Network in Defense of Human Rights in Iraq said the Iraqi government intends to confiscate the property of members of Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in Ashraf. Amongst all this, Martin Kobler’s approach is not unbiased and this is against the promises he was obligated to.
In a call to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, this NGO requested his personal intervention to resolve this issue and defend the rights of Ashraf and Liberty residents, emphasizing the problems and human rights violations in this regard must come to an end.

•    The Iranian Resistance with strong protest calls on UN Secretary to  prevent Martin Kobler from playing a facilitator role for plundering the properties of thousands of PMOI members and results of their 26 years endeavor in Camp Ashraf

This Secretariat (the Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran) had already said in a statement on November 4:“According to information obtained from inside of Iranian regime, Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the terrorist Quds Force, in order to deny Camp Ashraf residents their property rights, has directed the Iraqi National Security  Advisor to demand that Iraqi ministries and government agencies to claim ownership of properties of Ashraf residents.”

Camp Liberty. No.56
On Thursday October 11, 2012, after ten days confiscation, the Iraqi forces delivered five generators that are needed for Liberty’s water system and had been transferred on October 1st from Ashraf to Liberty, while many of their parts were stolen and effectively have become unusable.
Batteries, oil pumps, electric power meters, control boards and electrical panel breakers are among stolen parts. In the course of stealing, many other parts of the generators including radiators and electric change over panels were badly damaged.

La Libre (Belgium)
Maryam Rajavi: Terminate appeasement with Iranian regime
Main Iranian opposition leader described removal of PMOI from US terrorist list as important step forward in fight against Tehran’s theocracy.
La Libre (Belgium), Brussels, 5 Oct 2012 – The removal of the name of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran from the US List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations is the new position described by Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi as a step forward in the struggle against the mullahs’ regime.

Camp Liberty -51
This morning, around 11 AM, George Bakoos, a political adviser to Nouri-al Maliki, Mohammad Kazem Sadeq (one of those who was implicated  in two massacres at Ashraf) and Gyorgy Busztin, the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Iraq, went to Camp Liberty to Camp Liberty without any prior notice.  They were accompanied with a number of diplomats and Baghdad based journalists. By organizing the propaganda show, the Government of Iraq attempted to conceal the reality of Camp Liberty that is a prison by any standards, and to cover up the forcible eviction of 3200 Ashraf residents, their expulsion from their home and town that built in 26 years.

Camp Liberty -50

Remarks by Iraqi and UN experts as well as investigations conducted by the residents of Camp Liberty indicate that the dinning container in Section 4 of the camp was the target of a direct shooting with an automatic AK47 rifle.
The incident took place early evening on Tuesday, September 4, and the bullet was most probably fired from the western hills overlooking Camp Liberty. Surveillance, eavesdropping, spying equipment and their towers are installed on these hills.

Yesterday’s attack on Camp Ashraf residents by Iraqi forces causing injury to 20 residents, once again reveals the ominous intentions of the Iranian regime and its collaborators in Iraq. According to pictures and video clips, Iraqi SWAT forces (wearing all-black uniforms) attacked the defenceless residents, who had gathered with their personal belongings to be inspected before moving to Camp Liberty at the specific request of the US and UN. The Iraqi thugs attacked the residents with sticks, clubs, and rocks. The residents’ only apparent offence was to object to the theft of their belongings by the Iraqi forces during their tedious inspections.

Six residents transferred to hospital for treatment of severe injuries
  others were hospitalized at camp's clinic
On Monday, around 4 pm (Baghdad local time), Lieutenant Heydar Azab, one of those responsible for two previous deadly attacks on camp's residents in 2009 and 2011, insulted and  harassed the residents of Ashraf who were being inspected as a part of group of 400 to be transferred to Camp Liberty.
In addition, the Iraqi forces stole the residents belongings such as their watch during the inspections.